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Safety Design Steel Doors

Welcome to Aravinth Agencies safety Doors  we are specialized for providing very secure door solutions for Home and Office needs. We provide huge variety of modern safety  doors since 2007.

We are supplier of various types of fabrication product such as safety doors, steel  windows , Door frames, terrace doors, commercial, Institutional & Industrial purpose doors and Bathroom Doors etc…,

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We are supplier of various types of fabrication product such as safety doors

Aravinth Agencies steel doors

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Low Cost

Long Life

More Design

Less Maintenance

Less Tension

More Safety

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Our Door Features

Accessories : Adjustable reinforced hinges, especially multi-point lock, strong handles, decorative peephole, rubber seal and, installing bolts

Suitable for different wall thickness, shockproof, Guards against theft, Warmth preserve, Anti-drill, Moisture proof

Thickness of the door leaf : 100mm / 90mm / 70mm / 50 mm
Opening Direction: inward / outward, Left /Right
Opening Degree: 90 degree and 180 degree
Threshold: stainless steel Bottom
Environmental friendly and durable appearance applicable for the entrance of bungalows or Flats, Villas, commercial buildings

Doors Ready to Fix Sizes​

36″ X 82″  |  39″ X 82″ |  42″ X 82″  |  48″ X 82″ | 60″ X 82″

GI Windows are available in all custom sizes

GI windows with inbuilt mosquito shutters

are also available